A consistent division of our company is composed by engineers dedicated to the technical aspects of the goods we procure and supply. We also have solid relationships with external engineering consultants, with which we partner for specific issues. Numbers can speak for us:


years of work on the field


export projects


different countries



A long experience in the international construction industry enables us to take into account the needs of all the stakeholders involved in the projects, providing our customers with great technical solutions. Solutions that work!

Smooth technical support

We can assist you in your business with:

  • analysis of the requirements of your bills of materials
  • comprehension of the technical specifications
  • match of the same supplies for different projects
  • design of custom solutions
  • ...and much more

Strong responsiveness to customer needs

We take pride in focusing on the expectations and goals of our customers. We promote an open communication and positive collaboration with all the partners involved in the project in order to deliver high-quality work and services.