Our supply chain

Worldwide suppliers

Safet has relations with over 2 thousand suppliers. We deal directly with manufacturers worldwide, scouting items for our clients with cost effective trading and agreements.

Long experience

In 50 years of trading activity Safet has built a network of companies that trust our work and our experience. Solid trading relationships, lasting over the years, enable Safet to be reliable in estimations and competitive in price offers.

Reliable and competent

Choosing Safet as a partner will give you the benefits of a dedicated office for your single or multiple foreign suppliers. An office of experienced people that will actively help you plan delivery and costs according to your needs.

Count on:

A multiple language team at your service
Daily interactions with suppliers around the world
Accurate quotations
Reliable delivery previsions

No uncertainties interfering with your business.
Get all the information you need for your decisions!

Our product portfolio

Safet has a comprehensive portfolio of raw materials and finished products, and is ready to find any other item you may need in the construction and industrial field.

Here's a list of some of the goods we commonly deal:

  • Steel products
    Raw material: steel coils, bars, rebars, steel profiles, steel plates and beams
  • Oil & gas products
    Valves, fittings, pipelines
  • Civil construction and structural products
    Stay cables, Suspension cables, Post-tensioning, Concrete repair, Steel structures, Strengthening and Maintenance
  • Highways and streets
    Guard rails, noise barriers, platform roof
  • Basics for construction sites
    Special foundation works, structural reinforcements and underground works
  • Interior/exterior finishing
    Doors, panels, false ceilings and special floors, all with specific requirements
  • Machinery
    For both heavy construction and small activities

You ask:

Send me an offer asap!

I need a supply immediately to avoid project delays.

I need help with technical specifications!

I'm preparing a bid for a competitive tender and I have several unclear items.

I need a budget for design and material!

I'm still in the design process, I will need step by step revisions until my project is fully defined.

Safet answers:

Whatever your situation is, getting a reliable and accurate quote is fundamental for your decision-making process.

Safet is fully committed to listen to your needs. Our team of engineers is ready to examine your bill of materials and find the most effective, appropriate and convenient products. Our buyers have deep knowledge of the market and will timely provide the best suppliers offers. We are ready to follow your work progress, revision after revision.