When a spare part becomes unavailable. When your long-standing supplier disappears suddenly. When nobody seems to know what you are looking for. When every option seems too expensive and complicated.

You ask:

I want a new supplier

I need to update and expand my supply channel

Is there anybody who knows what I am talking about?

I need a specific item and I want to be sure I will receive exactly what I mean

Price is important!

I want to get the best price available

Easy payments, please!

I would like custom payment systems and help with exchange rates and financing

Safet answers:

Dedicated retail procurement

Through global researches, Safet can help you find the items you are looking for and arrange the delivery according to your wishes.

Since the 1970s Safet has worked in international procurement and along the years has established relations with over 2 thousand suppliers, selected for technological capacity and quality.

We handle many orders every year and we are always exploring alternatives and new supply channels to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Technical support

Safet has a broad experience in the procurement of materials for buildings, civil engineering, infrastructures, and construction work. We are able to provide assistance and recommendations on the right product for you.

Here's a list of some of the items we have mostly supplied in recent years:

  • Special steel alloys in every shape
  • Joints, bearings and guardrails
  • High strength fasteners and fitting accessories
  • Insulated panels and building shell elements
  • High-performance metal and wood doors
  • And much more

Fair price solutions

Along the years we have purchased directly from many manufacturers around the world. Some of these have become reliable partners: we trust the quality of their products and they appreciate our fair cooperation and services.

Solid relationships enable us to offer our customers cost-effective agreements.

International services

Safet can assist you with many services for your international purchases.

Thanks to our insurance and financial partners, Safet can support your business in your domestic market with medium/long-term financing and untied loans to complete your supply orders from abroad.

We can help you with visa applications to travel abroad for your manufacturer inspections.

In Algeria and Tunisia you will also be able to use your own currency to evaluate bids and buy.