If you have, or you wish to establish, an international supply chain, Safet is ready to support your business with many precious services:

  • customized payment systems via bank or insurance (from letters of credit to wire transfer)
  • choice of the best logistic solutions for the expedition (by land, by sea, by air) with the evaluation of delivery times and analysis of pros and cons
  • paperwork for untroubled customs clearance
  • cargo insurance for safe and secure shipping
  • visa to cover either manufacturer inspections or technical assistance on project site

You ask...

I need to qualify a producer and to select a cost-effective technical solution

I’d like to improve the management of deliveries and payments of my foreign transactions

I receive foreign inquiries that I don’t want (and/or don’t know how) to deal with

Safet answers!

There are many matters in which you can't afford to hazard a guess:

Evaluate the reliability of a foreign manufacturer.
Evaluate the level of quality of a product.
Trust honesty and solvency of a customer.
Pre-determine costs and timings in complex international transactions.
Evaluate the political, social and economic stability of a foreign country.
Minimize and manage unexpected events.

You can largely benefit from a partner that has gone through this many times, that knows the answers and is confident about international procedures. We are willing to share our expertise with you.

50 years of wide international experience

Safet started in 1970 to trade across continents, mainly between Europe, Africa and Asia. Project after project we have acquired a solid reputation on the international market. We all speak multiple languages and are accustomed to dealing with multicultural issues.

350 export projects in 60 different countries

Ranging from simple procurements to fully structured solutions, every year we support many projects involving two or more countries, from Brazil to Zimbabwe, from Albania to Yemen and China, always maintaining northern Africa as our core business location.

Safet countries

Safet has also managed projects in countries with unstable political, social or economic situations: wars, embargoes, unforeseen customs clearance blocks, exchange rate instability and more... We gained vast know-how on complicated trade situations, and we are always ready to assist our customers in their international business.

Take advantage of our experience and trusted reputation.