Even if you are an excellent manufacturer, no orders will arrive from countries in which your products and your brand are not known.

Infrastructure, construction, building etc. are globally growing but technical specifications and needs can vary significantly from market to market. Don't fail to intercept the demand.

If you are interested in supplying your goods in new markets,
Safet can help in many ways:

Have local sales representatives

Safet can represent your sales around the world. Our technical staff will evaluate your products and potentialities and our resident agents and export managers will present your brand and products to local business.

Get in touch with contractors

Safet is in contact with many big EPC companies and contractors. They are always in search of good suppliers for their projects in developing countries. If your products are interesting for the market of infrastructure, construction, building, etc., Safet can help you establish business relationships with big professional companies, having local or worldwide coverage.

Participate in competitive tenders

Safet knows the intricacies of the international procurement procedures: RFPs (requests for proposals), RFTs (requests for tenders), RFQs (requests for quotes), contracts and procurement notices issued by government departments, multilateral funding agencies and private companies. It is not unusual to find unclear or vague business requests in these calls, and the lack of clarity can make it hard for the suppliers to propose solutions. Safet can support you widely.

Participating in tender calls with a professional competitive bid can be a great opportunity for your brand, both in terms of new orders and in the development of your reputation. Safet can help you understand technical specifications, select between logistic alternatives and tailor your proposal and quotation effectively.

Participate in trade-oriented events

The construction business is very lively in emerging countries. Fairs, exhibitions, shows, trade days, etc. take place annually at local, regional, national and international levels, scheduled by various domestic and foreign organizations.

Safet takes part annually in the main events, promoting a selection of our partners. We are also open to joint actions such as co-branded trade show booth, banner stands and promotional giveaway to help raise your brand awareness and promote key products and services.

Smart alternatives

Manage foreign orders

When you receive an order from a country you are not familiar with, you may not have the resources and experience to evaluate it. There may be concerns about fair customs clearance, exchange rate stability, customer solvency, or even wars, embargoes, and more.

Safet understands your concerns and expectations. In 50 years of international trades, we have often managed procurements in unstable countries and we can offer our knowledge and experience. We keep up to date on the international trade situation and the changes in global and bilateral relations.
Our agents are sensitive to multicultural changes and will maintain open and collaborative negotiations, taking into account the differences in language, cultural approach, procedures and habits.