• Updates on novel coronavirus

    Published on: mars 19, 2020


    Gentili clienti/fornitori,
    nonostante la grave situazione emergenziale COVID-2019, desideriamo informarvi che la Safet resta attiva.
    Nel rispetto e nella comprensione delle possibili difficoltà operative dei nostri partner, Safet rimane a vostra completa disposizione in tutti i servizi, garantendovi la regolare attività lavorativa.
    Contattateci, potete affidarvi a noi anche in queste circostanze eccezionali.


    Dear customers / suppliers,
    despite the serious emergency situation COVID-2019, we wish to inform you that Safet stays active.
    In respect and understanding of the possible operational difficulties of our partners, Safet remains fully available in all its services, offering you a regular working schedule.
    Contact us, you can rely on us also in these exceptional events.


    Chers clients / fournisseurs,
    malgré la grave situation d'urgence du COVID-2019, nous souhaitons vous informer que la Safet reste opérative.
    Dans le respect et la compréhension des éventuelles difficultés opérationnelles de nos partenaires, Safet reste pleinement disponible dans tous ses services, vous offrant un horaire de travail régulier.
    Contactez-nous, vous pouvez également compter sur nous dans ces événements exceptionnels.

  • Our new website is online

    Published on: février 14, 2020

    It is exciting for us to see our new website online. It isn't just about appreciating what the webmasters have created with the images, texts and "company-spirit" we supplied. It is especially about seeing the outcome of a challenging conceptual work on what Safet is and wants to be.

    Many things have changed in the world since Safet started trading in construction components in 1970, and many things changed in Safet itself. We brainstormed together, we analyzed our position in our industry and with competitors, we consolidated individual aims into an overall approach, we gathered feedback. It has been months of interesting work and dedication.

    That's why we are so proud to officially announce the launch of our new website:
    Here we are, we look forward to seeing you at www.safet.it!